What is Sorrows End Farm?
Located in Northeast Tennessee, Sorrows End Farm is a horse training
and boarding facility, also specializing in Thoroughbred training and sales.
Many of our horses for sale are Thoroughbreds that are retraining off the
racetrack, although many never raced. Our goal is to offer ex-racehorses a
chance at a second career after the track and to start young thoroughbreds
correctly in a career that can show off their amazing ability and talent.
We also offer horse boarding, training and riding lessons. Please
contact us for rates.
We specialize in starting young horses under saddle
and schooling green horses. Let us start your next champion for you!
About off-the-track Thoroughbreds
Thoroughbreds are by nature very athletic, versatile and intelligent horses. They excel
in numerous careers including hunters, jumpers,  foxhunting, dressage, eventing, as
pleasure horses, and more. Thoroughbreds have a wonderful work ethic and strive to
please. They are responsive and willing, and when trained correctly, are excellent
equine partners with lots of heart that will do anything for their people.
Many Thoroughbreds that do not have successful careers as racehorses or are
unable to continue racing due to injury can go on to become excellent show
prospects or pleasure horses.
Our goals and our style
At Sorrows End, we train our horses to be responsive, obedient, and respectful while
giving them time to 'be a horse.'  We excel in starting young horses right and instilling
the basics in them to enable them to move forward in their career, whatever
discipline that may be.
Our horses are schooled to move forward quietly in a relaxed, balanced frame. Once
they develop a good forward and balanced gait, we teach them to move willingly 'on
the bit' and to jump.
In our riding, we strive to teach and achieve harmony with our horses, whatever we
are trying to do. We have successfully helped numerous clients with horses that
owners had become frustrated with or had "lost hope on."
Sorrows End offers a quiet,
happy, consistent environment for horses and their riders, enabling them to develop
a positive attitude about riding. We believe riding should be fun for the horse and
rider, and strive to meet each individual horse and rider's needs.
Horse boarding, training and Thoroughbred sales
Sorrows End Farm
Stella, an off-the-track TB, having fun during her retraining.
Jay-J sold! January 2012
Nikko, an OTTB who didn't make it at the track, has now learned to
jump and LOVES his new career.
River Gent SOLD!! June 2010
Alphie, (registered name Whatsitallabout), starting his retraining after rehabilitating a blown
suspensory ligament. Alphie was a steeplechaser who was rehabbed and retrained at Sorrows
End. He went on to be a successful jumper for years.
Lightning Thief
SOLD November 2015
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