Sold  2006 Shon   
An off-the-track TB gelding, Gay Shawn aka "Shon" was always a real
sweetie. Three pictures below are Shon at his home in Tullahoma,
Tennessee with his owner Susan (bottom) and her daughter, Sarah,
(top two pics). The Stovalls keep in touch and regularly give us updates
about how well Shon is doing, complete with lots of pictures! Shon was
definitely one of my favorites, and I'm so happy that he went to such a
loving home where he is being spoiled rotten
**We were sad to hear of Shon's passing in January 2015 at the ripe
age of 25. He lived a great life and we are so thankful to Susan and
Sarah for giving him such a great home.
Where are they now?
Sorrows End Farm - Success Stories
In case you're wondering about a horse that came through Sorrows End, here are some that have gone on to new homes. We always love updates! If you have a Sorrows End graduate, we'd
love to hear from you and see pictures.
Sold October 2005
A  29-year-old (1977) retired
TB and former racehorse, Shakespeare has
gone on to his new career in Southwest Virginia
as a babysitter. We hear he's doing well with his
buddy and living out his retirement days in
leisure, with plenty of children to pet him and
feed him treats.
**Update: We are saddened to hear that
Shakespeare has passed away. However, he
lived to the ripe old age of 32 and had a good
life. He's galloping in the greener fields now.
Sold August 2009
Cat Nippin
 A 2001 TB,
Cat Nippin is an
off-the-track Thoroughbred
who bowed a tendon
steeplechasing. She was
rehabbed and retrained at
Sorrows End, and is now
foxhunting and jumping first
flight, sound and happy in
her new career.
Sold June 2006 Taylor  A 7-year-old
(1999) off-the-track TB, To the Point aka
"Taylor" has been sold to Melissa Beall in
Memphis, TN. He is pinning ribbons at the
hunter shows already and we're very
Sold July 2006 Alphie  
A 1999 TB and ex-steeplechaser,
Whatsitallabout or "Alphie" blew a
suspensory ligament at the track and was
rehabbed and retrained at
Sorrows End. He
was sold to Melissa Beall of Memphis,
Tenn., and competed in dressage and
In September 2008, Alphie
returned to
Sorrows End because his owner
sadly did not have time for him and gave him
back to the farm. He is now living happily
back home and we're thrilled to have him
back - he was always one of my favorites.
Alphie shown here  back home, showing!
Rider is Sarah Winward.
Sold December 2006
A  6-year-old (2000) off-the-track TB
gelding, Cajun Saint aka "Garrison" is now
showing interscholastic in Fredericksburg, VA,
(Pictured left at an interscholastic show - he
looks great!)
Sold February 2007
A  7-year-old
(2000) TB/Hanoverian,
Walt was sent to
for training by his
breeders, Sutton Place
Farm, and has since
been sold and is now  
foxhunting and eventing.
Sold November
 A 1990 QH
gelding, Patrick is a
former foxhunter who
now  gives rides to a
very nice family's
grandchildren, so he
gets to live out his days
toting around tots! He's
certainly earned his
Sold December 2007
South By Gosh
1999 TB gelding and
former steeplechaser,
"Southy" has  been sold to
Carl Westmoreland. Last
we heard he was being
called "Chester" and living
in Roan Mountain, Tenn.
Sold December 2007 Gallahad  A 2003 QH gelding, Gallahad was
here for a total of 2 months before he found his new home. He is now
owned by Jennie Folkes in North Carolina. She just loves him and has
sent some wonderful pictures of him showing - and winning!!
(below  -
Jennie and Gallahad)
Sold July 2008
 A 1999 TB mare and former
steeplechaser, Stella (registered name
Sweet Jo Anne) has been purchased by
Elyse Shriber of California. We look
forward to hearing of her progress.

(picture at right, Stella at her new home,
showing off her great jumping ability)
Sold February 2009 Clarion Code  
Clarion is a 2006 Thoroughbred gelding,
bred by Sutton Place Farm and trained as a
2- and 3-year-old at
Sorrows End. A big
horse, level-headed and sweet, he was
sold after 4 months of training! Clarion is
now owned by Susan Kaestner of
Nashville, Tenn., and she plans to event
with him.
(pictures below, Clarion with
Susan, and his first time at a real water
obstacle. 8-09. This is definitely an eventer
in the making - quickly handling it like an
old pro.
Sold August 2008 Zima  
A 2006 warmblood mare
owned by Crystal Ratliff of
Abingdon, Va., Zima's Ice was
trained at
Sorrows End. Zima
is now showing and placing in
the top ribbons and doing
great at her new home!
Sold February 2010 Nikko  A
2001 Thoroughbred gelding, Nikko
(registered name Hesgotlegs) was
an off-the-track racehorse who was
retrained at
Sorrows End. An
incredibly athletic, intelligent and
sweet horse, Nikko was cut out to
be an eventer - he loves jumping
cross country! He is now owned by
Felicia Wichtman near Knoxville,
Tenn., and she loves him and says
he's doing great. We hope to see
some pictures soon!
Sold June 2010 River Gent  River
Gent is a 2005 Thoroughbred gelding  who
never raced and was trained from a
yearling at
Sorrows End Farm. A very sweet
and super cute horse, he is now owned by
Hailey Hunt of Kingsport, Tenn., and is now
known as Huckleberry Finn. Hailey is doing
an amazing job with him and they are ready
to clean up in the jumper ring!
"Finn" and
Hailey are doing great together - he looks
great! 3-13
Sold January 2012
 Now known as
"Princess Jazzy-J," Jay-J is a
2004 registered Quarter Horse
mare. Jay-J has evented,
foxhunted and shown, and spent
a couple of years at
Sorrows End
teaching lessons and showing.
Purchased by Katie Young Dunn,
Jay-J is now spoiled rotten and
lives the life out in a big field with
her new friend Taz. She does
occasionally have to work, but
she doesn't seem to mind.
Princess Jazzy-J"  giving pony
rides to Evan and Brycen.
Sold August 2011
 True Buckskin Halo
or "Faith" is a 2007 registered
Thoroughbred mare who was
trained at
Sorrows End.
Purchased by Jessany Dunn
Bledsoe. Jessany just loves
this wonderful mare, and the
two are a great match and are
having a lot of fun together.
Faith and Jessany, June 2013
Sold May 2014 Blue Karoo  aka "Bulle", a
2007 Thoroughbred who was owned and bred by
Sutton Place Farm. Bulle did his early training at
Sorrows End,  and was sold in 2014 to be an
eventer. This big, solid Thoroughbred was typical
of all the horses from Sutton Place Farm -
good-minded, sound, and a joy to work with! And
let's not forget, gorgeous!