What is Sorrows End Farm?
Come home to Sorrows End!
Located in Northeast Tennessee, Sorrows End Farm is a horse boarding
facility offering quality horse training and riding lessons for beginner
students and up.
Sorrows End offers that personalized touch that will make you and your
horse feel at home. Whether you are a student, boarder or training client,
we treat everyone with friendliness and professionalism that makes our
barn comfortable and fun to visit.
We specialize in starting young horses under saddle. No matter the breed,
we enjoy starting young horses from the ground up, and teaching them
their job in a time-tested, methodical approach that helps horses learn
without fear or stress.
We also welcome young and beginner riders as well as adult riders.
Our goals and our style
At Sorrows End, we train our horses to be responsive, obedient, and respectful while
giving them time to 'be a horse.'  We excel in starting young horses right and instilling
the basics in them to enable them to move forward in their career, whatever
discipline that may be.
Our horses are schooled to move forward quietly in a relaxed, balanced frame. Once
they develop a good forward and balanced gait, we teach them to move willingly 'on
the bit' and to jump.
In our riding, we strive to teach and achieve harmony with our horses, whatever we
are trying to do. We have successfully helped numerous clients with horses that
owners had become frustrated with or had "lost hope on."
Sorrows End offers a quiet,
happy, consistent environment for horses and their riders, enabling them to develop
a positive attitude about riding. We believe riding should be fun for the horse and
rider, and strive to meet each individual horse and rider's needs.
Horse boarding, training and riding lessons
Sorrows End Farm
Stella, an off-the-track TB, having fun during her retraining.
Jay-J sold! January 2012
Brandy, the Queen of Sorrows End, is 30 years old and
has been the inspiration behind the farm.  
River Gent SOLD!! June 2010
Our goal at Sorrows End is to have fun!
Lightning Thief
SOLD November 2015
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Sorrows End Farm
SOLD March 2019