The original "herd." That's Alphie in front, Brandy on the inside, Shon
(sold) on the outside (you can just see his head!) and well, of COURSE the
old man Shakespeare (sold) is in back. You would be too if you were his
age!  2004
Cat Nippin in training  6-06
Brandy says "make sure and get
my good side"
Sorrows End Farm - Photo Album
Photo Album  
Brandy gives a "pony ride" to Haley,
daughter of farm worker Wendy Bare.
Summer 2005
Cat Nippin seems pleased with
her new home
. 5-06
Stella sports her ribbons from her first show
with us. 3-31-07
Ondulee, a 4-year-old TB mare from Sutton
Place Farm, at Sorrows End for training.
This is after  one month training off the track
- and compare to current pics!  4-07
Off for another 'pony ride.' Brandy with Molly Kitts,
and Page. Fall '06.  photo courtesy of Pat Kitts
Student Andrea MacQueen and Stella 4-08
Snow in April?!      Brandy, 4-09.
"Good Job, Du."
Arielle and Opie.    Fall 2008
Nikko; May 2010
"Ondulee and Laura Mondul at
dressage show, VI College June 2009
Laura Lyttle
having a
little cross-
country fun
with Mae.   
June 09
Group ride, 2015.
Laura Lyttle on Mae, 2009
River Gent 2009
Natalie and son Wyatt on Brandy. July 2009
From the top of the hill, with Alphie. Spring
Usually we only require the riders to wear
helmets, but Gabby is very safety
conscious.  Feb. 2010
Team Sorrows End! Barn party and Fun Show Oct. 2012
Cross country! Joscyln Pearson on Jay-J and
Cat Dye on Major. 4-11
Me and Alphie Sept. 2012
Skye, Summer 2013
Lightning Thief with Joscyln Pearson and Skye
with Tara Frye at Fox Hollow Show, Spring 2014
Sorrows End goes to Rolex, 2014
Cat Dye and Major jumping cross-country April 2011
Out for a
hack on Skye
Juleeauna's first
lesson on Brandy
"I love her,"
she said.
Little girls and horses. :)  Dani and Tess  September 2015