Brandy, the original Sorrows End horse. Brandy, a 1989 QH/Arab mare was my first horse and my first rescue. I found her as a yearling, underweight and untrusting.
It took a long time and lots of carrots to develop a mutual trust, but now she's fat, spoiled, and my all-around horse that anyone can ride. She often gives "pony rides"
(even though she's 15.2 hands!) to young visitors to the farm. She still likes to make evil faces, but the ears always come up at the crinkle of a peppermint wrapper.
She's my baby girl and the inspiration behind starting the farm. In spite of the attitude, all of the students call her "perfect," and she always makes her 'momma'
Because of her matron status (well, and her attitude), Brandy is now affectionately referred to by the boarders as "Her Royal Highness."

Brandy is also one of our lesson horses, and is great with anyone from extreme beginners to more advanced riders.
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Sorrows End Farm - Residents
Our resident horses
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Other residents of the farm (included by popular demand)
Brandy and her fan club
Tess is a lovely 2009 Thoroughbred/Tennessee Walker cross. This big mare stands at least 16.2 hands - her size and easy temperment are indicative of the
horses bred at Sutton Place Farm. Tess is now a
Sorrows End Farm horse and we are bringing her training along in hopes of adding her into our lesson program.  
Though still young, Tess has the quiet temper and rideability it takes to make a great lesson horse, but for now she serves as my primary riding horse for me. I'm  
having a lot of fun developing this mare and she just keeps getting better!

**Update! After sustaining an injury in 2018 that put Tess out of work for the year, we decided to breed her to the Sutton's lovely Thoroughbred stallion, Savvy Warrior.
The result is a stunning bay colt, whom we have named "Bob." Tess has been a great momma and we can't  wait to  see Bob grow up!
Ali is a 1997, 16.2 hand Trakehner/Thoroughbred cross mare. Ali is one of our wonderful lesson horses here at Sorrows End. A seasoned pro, Ali is dependable
and sweet. She had been retired when we got her, but living out on our hills has really gotten her in shape and she has been back in work since coming here in
2015. We hope Ali will have may good years of riding in her as she is a farm favorite and is great at the shows!
Born April 23, 2019, Bob is Sorrows End's first foal! He is out of Tess and by Savvy Warrior. Bob has been a joy to have at the farm. He is very smart, very curious and
loves people! We hope to train this lovely colt up to teach lessons in the future, but for now we're just enjoying watching his antics and seeing him grow up.
Cabbage, Sally, Wedge
and Gummy
Phoebe is a 2009 Oldenburg bred and owned by Tara Frye. Phoebe is a classically lovely mare who has had several equally lovely babies. Originally started
under saddle at
Sorrows End, Phoebe is now back in work after several years as a broodmare, and Tara is enjoying bringing her along. Phoebe is doing really
well under saddle and hopefully will be in the show ring soon!
Biscuit and Basil
Rubio **Available for sale!**
Rubio is a 2003 Oldenburg gelding, bred and owned by Tara Frye. This handsome boy was also started at Sorrows End. He has a wonderful temperment and is a
substantial, gorgeous horse standing a big16.2 hands. Tara has now taken over his training and he is coming  along well! Rubio is very in-your-pocket and will
make someone a fine show horse. He is for sale - contact us for  details!
A 2012 Quarter Horse gelding, Maverick has been a wonderful addition to the Sorrows End lesson program. Though he is still a little green, he is safe and
good-natured and is coming along well. Not only is he useful in lessons, but he's also fun to go out for a hack in the fields. We just adore this guy and hope he gets
to stay at
Sorrows End for a long time!
This big girl is another product of Tara Frye's breeding program. Luna is a 2004 Oldenburg mare and is enormous! Big bodied and big boned, it's a good thing Luna
also comes with a super sweet personality! She is now in training at
Sorrows End and will be started under saddle this year. Tara bred Luna specifically to be her
personal riding horse -- we're really excited to see how she comes along!
Emory is a 2003 off-the-track Thoroughbred mare. Owned by Lisa Harper, Emory is a super sweet mare. She unfortunately sustained a significant injury last year,
but she has healed up well and will soon be started back into work! We know Lisa is ready to get going with this lovely mare  again.
Brandy is the original Sorrows End horse! I bought Brandy when she was a 1 1/2 years old. Now 29 years old, she is still going strong. Brandy has taught so many
students, ranging from small children to people who are returning to riding later in life. She is the perfect confidence booster and a "steady Eddie," all with her little
bit of lovable sass. She has helped many a rider get over their insecurities, whether it's someone who has had a bad fall or a beginner learning to ride. She is
spoiled rotten, and will always be my heart horse.
Brandy is mostly retired now, but still feels good enough to kick up her heels and run up the hill, and is still occasionally
teaches lessons for the beginner kids.