Brandy, the original Sorrows End horse. Brandy, a 1989 QH/Arab mare was my first horse and my first rescue. I found her as a yearling, underweight and untrusting.
It took a long time and lots of carrots to develop a mutual trust, but now she's fat, spoiled, and my all-around horse that anyone can ride. She often gives "pony rides"
(even though she's 15.2 hands!) to young visitors to the farm. She still likes to make evil faces, but the ears always come up at the crinkle of a peppermint wrapper.
She's my baby girl and the inspiration behind starting the farm. In spite of the attitude, all of the students call her "perfect," and she always makes her 'momma'
Because of her matron status (well, and her attitude), Brandy is now affectionately referred to by the boarders as "Her Royal Highness."

Brandy is also one of our lesson horses, and is great with anyone from extreme beginners to more advanced riders.
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Sorrows End Farm - Residents
Our resident horses
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Other residents of the farm (included by popular demand)
Brandy and her fan club
"Sunny" is a Sorrows End Farm horse. We rescued this sweet boy from the kill pen in June 2015. His paperwork says he was a 'camp' horse .A 2005 gelding of
unknown breeding (we suspect
he is a Morgan horse!),  Sunny was a little shy of people when he first got here, but the auction house can do that to a horse. He
really has come out of his shell since arriving at
Sorrows End and has rapidly filled out and even become a bit chunky. Sunny has really come into his own and has
turned into a wonderful jumper. He's a lot of fun to ride, and is your go-to hop on and go do anything horse.
Tegan  **Available for partial lease - contact us for details**
Tegan is a 2008 Quarter Horse/Arab cross, owned by Laura Lyttle-Harman, a longtime boarder and student at Sorrows End. Tegan came to us from a friend in
Alachua, Florida, who had rescued Tegan from a 'hoarder' who had been keeping some 20 horses on about 2 acres of dirt. Tegan put on weight during her several
months with her benefactor, and arrived at
Sorrows End in mid-June 2011. She is an adorable mare who is very curious and interested in everything. She loves
people and is a real sweetheart, and Laura Lyttle is over the moon about her new horse. Tegan had very little training, so she came as blank slate and ready to
start school. She is now schooling walk/trot/canter under saddle and started over fences, and Laura is very excited to start their show career together! Tegan has
come a long way!
Tegan is available for half-lease on the farm - contact us for details!
Tess is a lovely 2009 Thoroughbred/Tennessee Walker cross. This big mare stands at least 16.2 hands - her size and easy temperment are indicative of the
horses bred at Sutton Place Farm. Tess is now a
Sorrows End Farm horse and we are bringing her training along in hopes of adding her into our lesson program.  
Though still young, Tess has the quiet temper and rideability it takes to make a great lesson horse, but for now she serves as my primary riding horse for me. I'm  
having a lot of fun developing this mare and she just keeps getting better!
Cabbage, Sally, Wedge
and Gummy
Ed  **Available for partial lease - contact us for details**
Ali is a 1997, 16.2 hand Trakehner/Thoroughbred cross mare. She and her owner Becca joined Sorrows End in early 2015. Ali was basically retired before moving to
Sorrows End due to some soundness issues in her hind end. But gradual work and exercise on our wonderful hills have helped get this lovely mare into shape and
she is now schooling comfortably on the flat and teaches some of our lessons! She cannot jump due to her soundness problems, but she is wonderful to ride on
the flat and Becca just adores this fabulous mare. They make a wonderful pair!
Biscuit and Basil
Ciaran, a 12-year-old Appendix gelding, has returned to Sorrows End! Ciaran's owner boarded him here while she was in college. He left for about a year when she
moved out of town but now they're back! Ciaran is also now part of our lesson program and has been just wonderful with the kids. At 15 hands tall, he's big enough
for light adult riders and perfect for kids!
This sweet gelding is also available for partial lease at Sorrows End -- contact us for details!!
Ed is a 12 year old 14.1 hand pony who has become an adorable part of the Sorrows End lesson program. He's super cute and really sweet and seems to be
enjoying his job
. Very quiet and usually lazy, Ed has quickly become a barn favorite. Ed is also is currently available for half-lease on the farm -- contact us for details!
Estrella **for sale**
Estrella, a 7 year old Oldenburg mare, is a wonderful, very fancy mare with excellent conformation and breeding. Owned and bred by Tara Frye, Estrella was started
under saddle at
Sorrows End and is doing exceptionally well in her training. Schooling a solid Walk, Trot, Canter and jumping, Estrella continues to prove herself all
the time. This mare is very smart and very friendly and will make an excellent show prospect for the serious rider. For sale to a show home only. Contact us for
information about purchasing this lovely mare.
Tazo is a 24-year-old Shire/Arab cross mare who is the newest boarder at the farm. Because of previous issues, she is not ridable, but is happy here in her
retirement at
Sorrows End. Tazo is super sweet and so cute, and is currently enjoying turnout with her new buddy, Brandy. In spite of a previous surgery to her deep
digital flexor tendons, Tazo seems very comfortable and in fact periodically likes to canter up the hill, just to prove to us that she is still full of life!
Brandy is the original Sorrows End horse! I bought Brandy when she was a 1 1/2 years old. Now 29 years old, she is still going strong. Brandy has taught so many
students, ranging from small children to people who are returning to riding later in life. She is the perfect confidence booster and a "steady Eddie," all with her little
bit of lovable sass. She has helped many a rider get over their insecurities, whether it's someone who has had a bad fall or a beginner learning to ride. She is
spoiled rotten, and will always be my heart horse.
Brandy is mostly retired now, but still feels good enough to kick up her heels and run up the hill, and is still occasionally lightly ridden by younger kids.
Nickels is a 22 year old Quarter Horse/Arab mare who is our newest boarder at Sorrows End. She is little but she is mighty! She is so good under saddle and her
owner simply adores her - as you can see from the  picture, Nickels is Renate's unicorn! Nickels seems to like her new home and we're glad to have her!